Student Activities CalendaR


· Picnic in the Parking Lot– an all-College event. Thursday, May 8.

·Open Forum: McDaniel Prize, Oral Presentation round – the three finalists present their papers and are subject to the questions of the jury and public. Tuesday, May 20.

· Open Forum: Art Night – Art, art history, and impressions of Budapest from around the world. Wednesday, May 21.

· Graduation/Farewell Party. Friday, May 23, Noon.     


Spring 2014 Announcements

Math Proficiency test

Thursday, January 30.


Room 220.

Event Announcements

Opening of Fall 2012 semester: first classes from 8:30am, Monday, September 3
Opening Convocation: Monday, September 3, 4:00pm, College Auditorium, Room 100 (4:00-5:30pm classes canceled; all students and faculty should attend the Convocation)

Updated Student Activities Calendar


  • · Student Union organizational meeting – Students of all years and majors welcome. Monday, April 23, 12:00, Room 224
  • · McDaniel Prize submission deadline – All submissions must be in by the afternoon. You can send them to Dr. Adamson, See website for details. Friday, April 27


  • · Hike in the hills – join students and faculty for a hike in the beautiful Börzsöny region of Hungary. Hike goes from Diosjenő to Kiralyrét. Saturday, May 5.


  • · Visit to the Basilica Grand Organ – join McDaniel College World Music students for a visit to see up close the organ in St. Stephen’s Basilica. Tuesday, May 8, 8:30am.


  • ·Open Forum: McDaniel College Budapest: Community and Image – a two part event. 10:15-11:45, Professor Robert Trader’s Visual Communication course presents their observations on the spaces and images of McDaniel’s Budapest campus. 11:50-12:25, Professor Trader shares his own reflections, informed by his work in the Communication field and his experience on the main campus. Wednesday, May 9, 10:15-11:45; 11:55-12:25.


  • ·Open Forum: McDaniel Prize, Oral Presentation round – the three finalists present their papers and are subject to the questions of the jury

and public. Wednesday, May 9, 5:45.


  • · Picnic in the Parking Lot– an all-College event. May 10.


  • · Open Forum: Eyes on Budapest – exhibit and program examine multiple perspectives on the city where we all live, and on the communities we call our own. Thursday, May 17, starting 6:00pm.
  • · Graduation/Farewell Party. Friday, May 18.

Student Union organization meeting

Next Monday, April 23, 12:00-12:30, Room 224.

Registration for Fall 2012 courses

Go to the Secretariat, Room 222, to reserve a time to meet with your study advisor. Ask Bernadett Solti or Adriana Marton for more information.

Do not lose this chance to choose the courses you will take next Fall.

Withdrawal Deadline

The deadline for withdrawal from courses is Friday, March 30, at 2pm. In order to keep full-time student status, students are expected to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours (three regular courses). For withdrawal, you must obtain the signature of Dr. Drexler, Dr. Adamson, or the Dean.

TOEFL tests
The TOEFL testing center in Budapest will be holding the TOEFL test on the following dates:

-July 8
-July 23
-August 5
-August 20
-August 27

For the purposes of fulfilling the TOEFL requirement, all rising 5th and 6th semester students are urged to take the exam by August 20 at the latest.

The testing center is at Baross utca 62 (8th District). Those wishing to register for the test here in Budapest should visit

Interested in human rights activities? The European Roma Rights Center is offering internships on a competitive basis. If you have any questions about the academic aspects of an internship, please see Dr. Adamson.

TOEFL prep instruction available: Attention all students who are training for the TOEFL exam this summer. There is available a native English speaking instructor, in July and August, who has experience in TOEFL preparation. Name: Timothy Cauwels. Email address: Exact availability and fee: on demand.

Fall 2011 course offerings, edited: Please note the addition of a course to the ART/AHY listings, ART 1107 Perceptual Drawing. All students, majors and non-majors, are eligible to take it.

Radio opportunity: Students: anyone interested in getting a bit of radio experience–including on the air this summer? The radio show “Honti es Hanna”, on Fridays 4-6pm, is looking for enthusiastic students to help out in the studio. The show, found on Tilos Radio (90.3 FM), is a free-for-all: discussions, interviews, music.

If you are interested, send an email to Dr. Adamson (

Fall 2011 semester: Classes begin on Monday, September 5. From the moment you have preregistered for a course, you are considered enrolled in it; from the moment you are enrolled in a course, all absences will be counted—the first two weeks of the semester included. All students are urged to make plans to return to Budapest before September 5.

Fall 2011 Convocation: Convocation for the academic year 2011-2012 will be held on Monday, September 5, from 4:00pm in the Auditorium. Dr. Roger Casey, McDaniel College’s new president, will be here to inaugurate the McDaniel Europe Program. The ceremony will be followed by a dinner cruise on the Danube River.

Fall 2011 tuition: The deadline for Fall 2011 tuition payment is Monday, September 19

May 20, noon Graduation (All events are to be held in the College unless otherwise noted.)

THE MESSENGER Headline Logo Design Competition

McDaniel College Budapest’s own student newspaper, The Messenger needs a new logo. All the Art students are welcome to design a new logo. The logo should communicate immediately, effectively and it should be memorable. Entries must be the work of students enrolled in art classes. Each student may enter a maximum of 10 logos. For a logo entry to be eligible, entrants are required to submit their logo entry as an EPS computer file (.eps). The filename must bear the last name of the entrant (for example: SmithLogo1.eps). The EPS file format is required because it is a Vector based format that provides better reproduction. The logo must be a vector graphic with the type converted to outlines. (Also required: a jpeg version of the logo, to be used during our online judging contest).

A logo entered in this competition must:

1. include the following type elements: The Messenger

2. be adaptable to multiple uses. The logo should not lose impact or legibility when substantially reduced.

3. retain a sense of balance and internal integrity, take care about the optimal spacing of letters .

4. reflect the diversity of interests of the newspaper

5. be reproducible in solid tones using one color (black). No tints, no blends,no gradations are allowed.


ENTRIES (two files per entrant, an .eps file and a .jpg) MUST BE EMAILED

NO LATER THAN May 2, 2011.

E-Mail entries to:,

Professor Berne Weiss seeks your views on the world without war

The 350th anniversary of the Quaker Peace Testimony turned my thoughts to the idea of the world without war.  It’s been a long time since I’ve even heard people speak those words.  President Obama has put the idea of a world without nuclear weapons back into the global consciousness.  People talk about a cure for cancer.  People have even eradicated the scourge of smallpox.  So what about eliminating war?  Unlike disease, war isn’t caused by an unseen enemy, war is a human invention undertaken by the very people who have the power and responsibility to serve the great mass of the rest of us.  And the rest of us acquiesce and participate.

Is there a cure for war?  What could that possibly be, and how might we find or create it?  Can we even imagine such a state of being?  If we can’t imagine a world without war, I can’t imagine how we could bring it about.

I started asking people if they could imagine a world without war, and now have a scholarship for a research project, based largely on interviews.  I would like to interview some McDaniel students.  (You are such a wonderfully international population!)  Interviews typically run 30-60 minutes, and I tape them.  If you are interested please contact me at


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