The Messenger is the official student newspaper of McDaniel College Budapest, the sister campus of McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, USA.

McDaniel College Budapest website
McDaniel College Maryland website


The paper strives first and foremost to be a reliable source of information, and will not be in the position of being a mouthpiece for the various organs of the McDaniel College Administration. Submissions must be made with the acknowledgement that the Messenger staff reserves the right to not publish material deemed unacceptable to the paper’s historical precedent. The Messenger’s goal is to inform, not offend.

The opinions expressed in the Messenger do not necessarily represent those of the McDaniel Messenger staff, or the faculty and administrators of McDaniel College. The editors reserve the right to edit for clarity and libel, and to publish submissions as space permits.

The McDaniel Messenger Free Press does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, condition of handicap, or marital status.

Any defamatory, libelous, or slanderous comments or postings will not be tolerated, and will result in the removal of the offender’s access to the site.

The opinions of the Free Press Bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Messenger, or of McDaniel College as a whole. The content found therein is considered intellectual property of the author, but is nevertheless under the jurisdiction of the owner and operator of the domain, the McDaniel Messenger staff. Said content is routinely held in editorial oversight before publication.

The Messenger online offers opportunities for unique and additional content. That being said, The McDaniel Messenger, especially in its webform, strives to move the McDaniel College Community into a more open, freely democratic discourse. Participation on this website is highly encouraged, and frequent commentors, posters, and journalists should constantly seek to promote it as a valuable, necessary component of the McDaniel liberal arts experience. The paper welcomes freelance submissions, which need to be of the highest journalistic standard.


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